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  1. dadum

    dadum New Member Member

    hey guys, does anyone of you know, how it is possible to become also a member at

    I just cant find the registration button.

    Thank you!!
  2. the voyeur

    the voyeur New Member Member

    im member, registration closed
  3. smiley

    smiley New Member Member

    I was a member. It’s says RIP now, anyone know what’s happening?
  4. rty10

    rty10 New Member Member

    They were back for a day then again offline. People should convince guys who uploaded in there to come in here .
    People should stop to go to candid forum
  5. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy New Member Member

    @rty10 why would people come here when you can't freely share? That was the best thing about TCZ, and why people flocked to it. Someone needs to create a new, free, candid site.
  6. John W.Creasy

    John W.Creasy Photographer Administrator

    Our site was not and is not payable, the user decides himself, or whose topics he will be charged, the cost of server maintenance for one person is quite the reason we have introduced this option ... theme for thought, unfortunately users do not want to participate in conversations and I am always open to suggestions from your side.

    On the other hand, you can open yourself, the cost of maintaining this site is over $ 100, not to mention the cost of buying a license for everything we use

    Another problem is the language barrier, unfortunately I support myself with a translator
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